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    Brief introduction to the classification, function and purchasing method of chemical reactor


    Chemical reactor is a new type of industrial production equipment, which can realize a series of physical and chemical reaction processes of materials, and is widely used in many production fields such as chemical, rubber, petroleum and food. The following is a clearer understanding of the functional characteristics of the chemical reaction kettle classification, structural composition, the role of the magnetic stirrer and the purchase method of the pressure gauge.

    I. Classification of chemical reactors

    1. Stainless steel chemical reactor

    Stainless steel is the main forging material, which has very high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It also has the advantages of clean and easy to clean, and can carry out chemical reaction process under high temperature and high pressure. For details, please click: http://www.odilechambaut.com/industrynews/hgfyf1112.shtml

    2, glass-lined chemical reactor

    The chemical reaction kettle adopts glass containing high silica as a main material, and is attached to the inner surface of the reactor vessel, and is calcined at a high temperature to form a composite material product, and the reactor has excellent corrosion resistance.

    3. Titanium chemical reactor

    Titanium is a metal element with ultra-high strength, so the titanium reactor produced has very good corrosion resistance and is very suitable for corrosive experiments. In addition, it has excellent heat resistance and robustness, and is suitable for aerospace, medical, geological research and other fields.

    4, steel lining chemical reactor

    The steel-lined reactor is very suitable for the operation of acid, alkali, salt and other materials. It can resist corrosive materials of various concentrations and is suitable for the refining process of liquid foods and medicines.

    In the past two years, the key role played by static mixers in different industries has not only gained recognition in the industry, but also gained the favor and praise of different consumer groups and business users. I hope that through the above brief introduction, you can help you to understand more about the use of such devices.

    Second, the chemical reactor structure

    1, the reaction container

    The reaction vessel of the chemical reactor is usually made of stainless steel, and the double-line sealing method can achieve a very good sealing effect.

    2, the mixer

    Mixers with different materials and different structures have different mixing modes for different materials, which play different material stirring effects. The selection of the agitator is very important.

    3, the transmission system

    A series of transmissions, such as couplings and agitators, ensure the safe operation of the equipment while ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

    4, cooling device

    When the temperature of the equipment is too high, the cooling device is activated to lower the temperature of the equipment and avoid demagnetization due to excessive temperature.

    5, safety device

    The chemical reactor is equipped with a series of safety protection devices. Pressure gauges, speedometers, etc. record the operating state of the reactor at all times to avoid accidents.

    Third, the chemical reaction kettle magnetic stirrer role

    1, stirring

    The high-speed rotation of the agitator causes a strong flow of material and improves the efficiency of material heat transfer and mass transfer.

    2, mixing

    Through the mixing action of the agitator, materials with different specific gravities and different viscosities can be uniformly mixed.

    3, suspension

    By stirring, the settleable solid particles in the liquid material can be suspended in the liquid medium.

    4, scattered

    By stirring, the gas, liquid, and solid are dispersed in the liquid medium to accelerate the process of heat transfer and mass transfer.

    Fourth, the chemical reactor pressure gauge purchase method

    1, medium

    The properties of the measured media are different and the pressure gauges used are different. The viscous, strong pH medium is selected from the diaphragm pressure gauge, and the pressure gauge has a specified color standard. The yellow color indicates ammonia and the red color indicates oxygen.

    2, chemical reactor material

    The chemical reaction kettle is made of stainless steel and is made of ordinary stainless steel pressure gauge. The chemical reaction kettle is made of titanium and is made of titanium pressure gauge.

    3, the installation location

    If it is installed directly in the pipeline, use an edgeless pressure gauge; install it against the wall, use an edge pressure gauge; measure the gas directly, and select a pressure gauge with a safety hole.

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